When you have a pair of sunglasses that you love, you wear them everywhere: for a fun-filled day at the beach, a busy day on a job site, or for lounging around by the pool. But with all that use, sunglasses can quickly become covered in grit and grime from oily sunscreen, dirt from the garden, or accumulated dust.If you can’t get the smudges and gunk off by simply rubbing your sunglasses on your t-shirt (which you shouldn’t do anyway, it can scratch the lenses), here’s how to clean sunglasses lens so they look exactly like they did when you first bought them.CLEAN SUNGLASSES LENSES

1. Grab your dirtied sunglasses.

First, you’ll need to track down all of your sunglasses that need to be cleaned. Washing your sunglasses is a bit of a lengthy process, so it’s best to take care of all of them at once. Besides, that way you can maximize your wardrobe with all the great sunglasses in your closet. Assemble them on the kitchen counter so you can clean them one at a time.

 2. Add one pump of mild, lotion-free dish soap to each side of the lenses.

Then, you’ll want to grab some dish soap. It’s best to use the simplest dish soap that you can find. A soap that’s highly scented, uses fake coloring, or has lotion added can just make your sunglasses more cloudy if you don’t fully wash it off before drying it.

Try to find something like Dawn Free and Clear dish soap. It’s free of dyes and made with biodegradable cleaning ingredients, so it’s safe to use with lenses.

 3️. Gently rub soap across the lenses & frame with your fingertips.

You may assume that you have to buy a fancy brush or cloth when thinking about how to clean sunglasses, but all you have to use is your fingers! Before washing the sunglasses, wash your hands well for 20 seconds (if you don’t want to count, sing two “happy birthdays” to yourself) with cold or hot water. This ensures that you don’t transfer any residue from your hands to the lenses.

Once you have clean hands, gently rub the soap across the lenses and frames with your fingertips. If you notice a patch of dirt or a stubborn bit of crud attached to your lenses, don’t use your fingernails to scrub it off because you could scratch the lenses. Just use the soft part of your fingers for as long as needed until the spot is gone.

4️. Rinse under warm (not hot) water.

Now that your frames and lenses are clean, it’s time to wash away the soap. Don’t use hot water because this can damage the lenses and frames. Instead, you want to use lukewarm water. It should be cool enough that you can put your hands under the water comfortably but hot enough that you wouldn’t want to drink the water straight from the tap.

5️. Shake off the excess water.

To get your sunglasses completely clean, they need to be totally dry. Before using anything to dry them off, shake your sunglasses over the sink. This gets the big droplets of water off the glasses so that they can actually be fully dry after you use a microfiber cloth on them.

6. Dry with a microfiber cloth.

You may be tempted to just dry your sunglasses with an old t-shirt or a dish towel, but you need to put that down right now. Only use a microfiber cloth to dry your sunglasses, because anything else could scratch the lenses.

Make sure the sunglasses are completely dry after washing. If not, you risk water spots on the lens and you’ll have to start this process all over again.

7. Use Recommended Products

We’ve discussed above what to use to clean reading glasses, so be sure to use appropriate items. Some people use their shirttail, tie, tissue, napkin, and even paper towels. These things are bad for the lenses and may even strip the coating. Instead, grab the glasses cleaning cloth provided to you by your optometrist and wipe the lenses. Using other items can leave fine marks that will lead to a visual haze, which you certainly do not want.

Never use harsh cleaners or even your saliva. If you need to remove stubborn dirt or smudge, you can spray some cleaning solution for quicker restoration.

8. Clean Every Part of the Glasses

Most people take the time to clean the lenses but forget about the frames. Eyeglass frames are important, mainly because they have tiny spaces where bacteria can grow. Furthermore, this is the part of your glasses that always get in contact with your hands. It’s best to pay extra attention to them.

The frames touch your face, including your eyes and nose. If they harbour germs and bacteria, it can lead to skin issues and eye irritation. Check the nose pads, hinges, and screws and remove as much grime as you can when rinsing and soaping.

When cleaning the lenses, you can use your fingers and a microfibre cloth to dry them completely.

9. Use Your Case

When you’re not wearing your eyeglasses, don’t place them on the table or any surface, especially uneven ones. There’s always a risk of them falling and collecting dirt. Be sure to have your case with you, particularly if you are away from home, such as in your office. Instead of letting your eyeglasses sit on the table, place them in your storage case to protect them from dirt.

Also, don’t place your glasses on your head. It will not only accumulate dirt faster but can also lead to loosening and damage, whether you drop them or not. When storing, be sure that the glasses are dry. Wipe with a microfibre cloth before placing them in the storage case.

10. Don’t Buff Out Scratches

Never try to buff it out if you find a scratch on your eyeglass lens. Never use your finger or fingernail to remove the scratch. This will only make things worse. You could end up with a cloudy lens or even more scratches.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for the scratch. Some lenses are scratch-resistant, which means that these flaws are not easily visible. However, once you find some scrapes on the lenses, they will be there forever. The only solution is to take your glasses to your optometrist. For your safety and optimum vision, you should always have your lenses replaced with unscratched ones.


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