The Consequences of Leaving Your Glasses in a Hot Car

Summer is here, and it brought the heat with it. Cars can reach extremely high temperatures during this time of year (especially here in the South), so it is important to remember what not to leave in your vehicle. There are many consequences of leaving your glasses in a hot car, so whether you’re wearing your eyeglasses or sunglasses, remember to take them out of your car before you head indoors.

Frame damageLeaving Your Glasses in a Hot Car

The heat can damage the frames of your eyewear by causing the plastic to melt and warp. Typically, this type of heat exposure will flatten out the frames and cause them to get wider.

Warped frames can result in your glasses becoming ill-fitting, and you may find that your glasses are now harder to wear and may be constantly falling off.

Lens damage

 Another one of the consequences of leaving your glasses in a hot car is lens damage. Heat exposure can cause warping to your lenses as well, leading to poor vision quality.

You may also find that your lenses appear to be peeling or have permanent smudging on them. This can be caused by an excessive amount of heat exposure to your anti-reflective or scratch-resistant coatings.

Anti-reflective and scratch-resistant coatings can expand at different rates than the base lens, resulting in what looks like a web of tiny cracks. This is known as “crazing” and can cause everything around you to appear blurry.

Heat exposure can also affect the polaroid film used on polarized sunglasses, causing damage to the lenses.

Make a point to put your sunglasses in a case and carry them with you so they’re kept out of extreme heat. This simple change in behavior can help your sunglasses stay in excellent condition all summer long.


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