Eyecare Services

          We are pleased to welcome you to our practice in Hesperia Maintaining healthy eyes requires regular vision and eye exams. Our commitment is not just in meeting your expectations, but in exceeding them! Because we know how much your eye health and appearance can mean to the quality of your life, we are committed to excellence in servicing your complete eye care needs.

          If you are looking for quality care with a personal touch, the professionals at our practice can provide you with quality vision solutions and exceptional customer service. Our staff is experienced in all areas of vision care. We look forward to the opportunity of serving your family’s optometric needs. We would be delighted to have you as a patient.

Golden Eye Optometry offers a number of cutting-edge vision care services and products at our optometrist office in Hesperia

My staff and I are dedicated to meeting all of your vision care needs. We provide caring, comprehensive service that combines VIP treatment with state of the art technology. We are a full scope optometric practice dedicated to providing the highest quality vision care to children and adults in a friendly, comfortable, and professional atmosphere.

Eyecare Services, Eyecare Services

Comprehensive Eye Examinations

The key to a healthy vision is to take care of your eyes, which is why comprehensive eye exams are essential.

Eyecare Services, Eyecare Services

Treatment of Eye Diseases and Co-Management of Surgery

During the evaluation of your eye health our optometrists will carefully examine your lens for signs of cataract formation. If a cataract is noticed they will continue to monitor your lenses for progression during your annual comprehensive eye exams.

Eyecare Services, Eyecare Services

Eyewear Designing and Dispensing

You’ll have crisp vision and a stylish look when you put on a pair of eyeglasses from our boutique store.

Eyecare Services, Eyecare Services

Glaucoma and Cataract Testing

Glaucoma testing involves measuring internal eye pressure and a detailed scan of the retina for signs of disease.

Eyecare Services, Eyecare Services

Contact Lens Fitting and Follow-up

Golden Eye Optometry offer a wide selection of contact lenses including disposable soft contact, bifocal/multifocal, toric, and colored lenses.

Eyecare Services, Eyecare Services

Laser Vision Correction (LASIK) Consultation and Co-Management

Remember to continue to schedule routine eye exams post – LASIK. Even with perfect vision you still need to have your eyes examined for glaucoma and other potential problems on a regular basis.

For more information regarding your benefits, special offers, and eye care information feel free to contact us    Eyecare Services, Eyecare Services   Eyecare Services, Eyecare Services  orEyecare Services, Eyecare Services