How Long Does It Take to Get Used to New Glasses?

Most people who wear glasses are familiar with the excitement and confidence boost that accompanies wearing new specs for the first time. But sometimes there is an adjustment period before your vision is fully comfortable. Things may look blurry, or you may notice feeling dizzy after prolonged wear. Some of these symptoms can be a normal part of the adjustment period, but sometimes they’re a reason to contact your eye doctor.

How long will it take to adjust to my new glasses?

Most issues related to adjusting to new glasses resolve on their own after a few days, but for some people, the adjustment period can take up to two weeks.

However, if you experience eye strain, distorted vision and especially headaches for more than two or three days, contact your eye doctor or optician. They may want to have you come in to take another look at your eyes, confirm that your glasses were made correctly or even recheck that your eyeglass prescription is right for you.

What Are Some Possible Visual Symptoms I Could Experience?

Some common experiences shared by those adjusting to new eyewear include:

  • Eye strain, headache
  • Blurry vision
  • Trouble with depth perception, nausea and dizziness
  • “Barrel distortion” — objects appear distorted, for high plus lenses
  • “Fishbowl effect” — the feeling that your visual field is being bent along the edges, as if you’re looking through a fishbowl, common in high minus prescriptions

Why Do My New Glasses Give Me a Headache?

Fatigued eye muscles can cause headaches. But your eyes aren’t the only things adjusting to your new lenses. Your brain is also working hard to create a clear picture of the messages it’s receiving from your eyes. This extra brain activity can sometimes bring on a headache, which should only last about a day or so.

New glasses, same prescription but it feels weird

Why might the same prescription lenses in a new pair of frames cause adjustment issues. This can happen for a few reasons:

  • Different lens type. If you purchased a different type of lens, the way you see through your lenses can change. For instance, if you switched from single vision or bifocal to progressive lenses, or opted for a thinner lens design or material, your eyes may need some time to adjust to the change, even if you have the same prescription.
  • New frame style. If you purchased a different frame shape or style, that can impact the shape, size and curvature of your lenses. For example, if you had small rectangular frames before but got new glasses with oversized round frames, the curve of your lenses will be altered and may require a new adjustment period, even if your prescription hasn’t changed.

When Should I Call My Eye Doctor?

When the adjustment period extends beyond a few weeks, there is a possibility that there was an error in the manufacturing of the lenses. Many people purchase eyewear from somewhere other than their eye doctor or order glasses online, and some studies have shown that up to 40% of online eyewear is made incorrectly or inaccurately.

It’s important to note that many offices may charge fees to check eyewear that is not made by them and that there may be fees for rechecking a patient’s refraction when glasses are made by another source.

Discomfort that lasts longer than a couple of weeks means it’s time to call your optometrist. Persistent symptoms like headaches, dizziness, or blurry vision can indicate that your glasses aren’t well suited to your eyes and need adjusting. Your optometrist will double check the prescription of the glasses among other things to ensure that the new glasses are right for you.

If you need new glasses or are having a hard time adjusting to a new pair, don’t hesitate to contact Golden Eye Optometry to schedule an appointment.


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