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Eye relaxation exercises are really important for improving vision naturally. They reduce eye strain which in turn can increases the flexibility of your eye muscles – a function which enables you to see clearly. Scientists have stated that near-point stress is a major cause of vision problems like nearsightedness (myopia). Armed with this knowledge, we have the power to reverse the damaging effects of eye strain using simple eye relaxation exercises. To benefit, you should consciously relax your eyes during times of near-point stress – such as working on the computer, reading, or doing any other close-up work. The sooner you start incorporating these eye relaxation exercises into your daily life, the better chance you have of protecting your vision from further deterioration. This is critical if you use a computer for several hours a day.

In this article, I will like to share some eye relaxation techniques that can help you reduce eye strain effectively.

I highly recommend you to use them to relieve the build up stress within the eyes after long hours of close-up work.

How To Relieve Eye Strain 1:

This is one of my favorite relaxation technique.
The express way to reduce eye strain.
This technique only requires 30 seconds to 1 minute of your time.

  • Sit up rightEye Relaxation, Eye Relaxation Exercises
  • Rub your hand together quickly to warm them
  • Close your eyes and place your palms over them (feel the warm moving into your eyes)
  • Make sure your eyes ain’t touching your palms by placing them in the cups of your palms.
  • Relax and imagine you are gazing into the dark space
  • Remain that way for 30 seconds (or as long as you like)
  • Slowly open your eyes and let your pupils adjust slowly to avoid sudden glare

This is a instant relief to get back to near point work quickly.
Do it frequently (every 20 minutes) especially with computer work.
You will find that you are able to last longer than you normally do. Check out eye yoga for more similar exercises.

How To Relieve Eye Strain 2:
Eyes Spa

My ultimate love. It is so good that my wife harasses me every night for this wonderful eye relief.
Best of all, it is easy to do. All you need is a cloth (I prefer microfiber as it can absorb more water), hot water and a comfortable pillow.
I usually prepare the hot water first and kept them in thermos flask so that i can have multiple sections throughout the day.

  • Fold the towel a few times until it create a surface area just enough to cover your eyes and temples
  • Pour the hot water onto the towel and try to make it evenly distributed
  • Taste the temperature with the upper skin of your hand which is more sensitive. What feels warm for your thick palm may be too hot for your eyes
  • Lie down comfortably, close your eyes and place the warm towel over your eyes. Preferably do not face a fan directly as it may cool down the cloth too quickly
  • Relax and breath slowly. Imagine you are looking into darkness and visualize your eyes releasing all the tension and going back to its normal shape
  • Once the cloth cools down, squeeze out the water and repeat the steps.
  • Continue the process for about 5 minutes

Let me warn you though, this reduce eye strain technique is very addictive.
Today, I will feel uncomfortable if I do not do it before I sleep.
The feeling of muscles around and in my eyes releasing their tension is just too heavenly.
I highly recommend using cloths that are made of microfiber. They absorb much better and is easier to drain than a standard cotton cloth.

How To Relieve Eye Strain 3:

This method allows you to enjoy two benefits at one time - reduce eye strain and absorb vitamin D.
To avoid turning sunning into sun tanning, choose time between 8am to 10am.

  • Stand in the sun (Before 8am and after 4pm)
  • Close your eyes and let sunlight shine on your closed eyelids
  • Feel the warm on your eyes
  • Rotate your head clockwise direction to ensure the sunlight get to every area of your eyes (don’t rotate your eyes as you are supposed to let them rest)
  • Switch direction of rotation so that you won’t become dizzy
  • Keep doing this for 5 minutes.

Don’t wear your contact lens during sunning.
If you are able of getting too much UVA and UVB rays, you can always cover your face and eyelids with sun block.

How To Relieve Eye Strain 4:
Eye Breathing

Proper breathing technique helps to relax the tension in every part of our body including our eyes.
What’s more is that our eyes need one-third as much oxygen as our heart, thus to know how to breath well is crucial for maintaining good eye health.

  • Sit comfortably on a chair with your back upright
  • Close your eyes and block your left nostril.
  • Take a deep breath (4 counts)
  • Hold for 2 counts and exhale slowly (6 counts)
  • As you breathe in and out, imagine your right eye doing the same
  • Repeat 5 cycles
  • Swap nose and repeat another 5 cycles
  • Release both nostrils and repeat another 5 cycles

This method is similar to meditation.
It helps to ground you and relax your mental mind too. It is a great technique for wholesome relaxation.
If you feel dizzy, breath normally for a while and do lesser counts.

How To Relieve Eye Strain 5:

Follow the 20-20-20 rule

To keep your eyes from getting tired at work, take a 20-second break every 20 minutes and focus on something that is located at least 20 feet away from you. This exercise helps prevent digital eye strain and eye damage in the long run.

How To Relieve Eye Strain 6:

Focus on Objects Near and Far

People with glasses often get lethargic at gazing and this is a major reason they fail to maintain healthy vision. To do this exercise you need to take off your glasses and hold one of your thumbs close up and the other at your arm’s length. Start by focusing on your thumb held close up, followed by the one that’s at your arm’s length, then focus on something that is sitting across the room and finally on an object that is really far away like across the road. While you do this exercise make sure, all the four points are situated along the same line of sight so the change in focus in subtle. Spend 2 seconds on every object and try to obtain a clear image of every item.

Will Eye Relaxation Exercises Improve My Vision?

Eye relaxation exercises are easy to perform and play an important role in vision training. But they do not provide you with a complete workout on their own. Complete vision training requires a well-rounded routine of eye strengthening  and relaxation exercises, such as those found in Rebuild Your Vision.
Most vision disorders are caused by refractive errors, caused by bad vision habits and chronic eye strain. Eye exercises teach you to undo these habits and get your eyesight back into shape, so that you can see clearly without glasses.

By doing a few of these exercises like the ones above and taking a daily eye vitamin, you may increase your productivity, eliminate headaches and work errors, and maybe even reduce your risk of glaucoma! When you stop and think about what you gain by following these simple exercises there is really no reason not to give them a try. Work and school can be difficult enough without straining your eyes and giving yourself more of a headache then necessary.



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