Latest Sunglasses Trends: What Styles Are In for 2021?

Latest Sunglasses Trends: What Styles Are In for 2021?

If you love eyewear, you’ll surely be excited about the fall/ winter 2020-2021 sunglasses trends. Just because it gets cold outside doesn’t mean that the sun disappears. Even if it’s not particularly bright out where you live, a pair of fashionable sunglasses still presents the best accessory for hiding your tired eyes or angry expressions from the general public.

The fashion world has spoken, and it's been decided that the following eyewear trends will be the most important in 2021. Because even if sunglasses are an afterthought for you, simply updating the pair you grab before leaving the house to a fresher style will go a long way. Which is where we come in.

From classic aviators to oversized granny glasses, we're breaking down the coolest glasses that are in style right now. Ahead, shop the trends and see how fashion girls are wearing them.Latest Sunglasses Trends: What Styles Are In for 2021?, Latest Sunglasses Trends: What Styles Are In for 2021?

Protective Shields

Shield sunglasses continue trending upwards, with many more examples with the oversized, crossover lens design. This is one of those fall/ winter 2020-2021 sunglasses trends that are a little on the sportier side, but don’t worry, you can wear them with any outfit.

Thick rimmed geometric glasses frames

The shape of the year is, well, any shape that brings a splash of geometry to the table. From the clear cut hexagon Ellis eyeglasses to the softer, Hudson shape that is more tamed around the corners. These frames are made to fit basically any face, since they mix together elements that pertain both to round glasses, and to the squared ones.

But no matter the exact shape, the element that is an absolute must with these geometric styles is the thick rimmed frames, preferably in bold and bright colours. Or even a mix of colours if you’re one who likes to stand out and let the glasses speak for themselves.

Bright and translucent nude glasses

This millennial, dusted pink nude is forecasted to be the next neutral hue to reign supreme throughout 2021.

Among the rainbow of colors that you’ll see this year, this warm color will be like a breath of fresh air. Add this distinctive frame and to make sure you’re not overlooked whenever you step in the room.

Oversized Glam

If the square shape is not quite your speed, you’ll be happy to know there were other shapes represented in oversized sizes in the fall 2020 eyewear trends.

Trendy tortoiseshell glasses in current styles

Second only to clear frames, tortoiseshell glasses in unique patterns are your best option if you want to stay in tune with the current eyewear trends. Forget about the boring brown tortoiseshell – there are so many color palettes of this trendy pattern that you will be sure to find the perfect one for your skin tone and hair!

Big Square Sunglasses

The winning oversized sunglasses shape for the fall 2020 sunglasses trends was square. They’re not necessarily flattering to all face shapes, but if they work for you, rock them with pride because they are one-part glam and one-part conceptual.

Just done up some high-waisted denim flares, a t-shirt, and a fancy scarf and it’ll be like the ‘70s all over again.

Staying Slim

While extra-slim sunglasses were super popular in the last couple of seasons, there were only a few slim standouts in the fall/ winter 2020 sunglasses trends.

Fancy Cat-Eyes

Cat-eye sunglasses are flirty and flattering with a bit of a retro flare. They’re great for slimming the face, and they’ll make you look just a touch more glamorous. This timeless design was an easy addition to the fall 2020 sunglasses trends.

Yellow and Orange Lenses

Our sunglasses’ lenses cast a shadow over the world that alters our perception. With yellow and amber lenses, the world will look a little warmer, which can be a welcome sight in winter.

Rimless Shields

Whereas most shield sunglasses look very sporty, there is something about rimless shield sunglasses that looks a little more futuristic and conceptual, without the same sporty feel.

Old-School Cool Aviators

Aviator glasses and sunglasses have long been a favorite of eyewear enthusiasts.

The much-loved aviator silhouette is no longer just a sunglasses staple. Recently, more and more original aviator eyeglasses styles have popped up, in both old-school metal and colorful acetate shapes.

Matching Lenses and Plastic Frames

Acetate and plastic frames can come in a huge range of colors, and thanks to their semi-transparent design, they can often be carefully matched to the color of the lenses. A few designers loved the idea of doing this, making one of the fall/ winter 2020-2021 sunglasses trends monochromatic.

White Plastic Frames

White, plastic frames always feel a little mod, even though since the ‘60s they’ve shown up again and again. For the winter 2020 sunglasses, we saw all kinds of frame shapes show up in white plastic.

Round Frames

Simple round frames got a totally new makeover for the fall 2020 eyewear trends, as we spotted some really captivating designs in interesting colors and lenses, but also some classic styles.

Geometric sunglasses

Geometric sunglasses are also very popular in recent years. With its features of UV protection, it is also a stylish accessory, which absolutely makes you the hotspot out of the street.


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